Determination of the Elgacin effect on the cellular component of the immune system in aged rats

O. Yu. Koshova


The study of the effect of a new original drug with antioxidant properties – “Elgacin” tablets on cellular component of the immune system of old mice in conditions of the delayed hypersensitivity reaction has been conducted. It has been found that decrease in reactivity of the cell-mediated response takes place in ageing. Introduction of “Elgacin” tablets to old mice contributed to restoration of the immune response on introduction of the antigen up to the physiological level of young animals. It testify in favour of its potential geroprotective properties regarding age-dependent changes of the immunity. The data obtained substantiate the further research of “Elgacin” tablets.


ageing; cell-mediated immunity; geroprotectors; ellagotanins; elgacin

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