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Technology of Medicines

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No 1(97) (2019) Physicochemical studies of powders of plant extracts with the aim of creation of a soft dosage form for the treatment of dermatological diseases Abstract   PDF (Українська)
V. I. Hrytsenko, L S Kienko, Larysa Olexandrivna Bobrytska, M. M. Myga
No 1(97) (2019) Prospects for the creation of an antiviral drug based on the raw material of synthetic origin Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O. S. Burdak, G. I. Borschevsky, M. I. Borschevska, S. V. Oleinik
No 4(96) (2018) The studies on the pharmaceutical development of dosage forms with silver and gold nanoparticles for use in dentistry and surgery Abstract   PDF
S. B. Bilous, L. S. Rieznichenko, S. M. Dybkova, A. V. Rybachuk, T. H. Kalyniuk
No 4(96) (2018) The choice of fillers when creating natural zeolite tablets by the wet granulation method Abstract   PDF
V. D. Rybachuk
No 3(95) (2018) The choice of the quantitative composition of excipients when creating the natural zeolite paste Abstract   PDF
V. D. Rybachuk
No 2(94) (2018) The technological aspects for complex processing of hawthorn fruits Abstract   PDF
N. V. Sydora, A. M. Kovalyova, V. K. Iakovenko
No 2(94) (2018) The study of the technological and microbiological parameters of a dietary supplement “Osteovert” Abstract   PDF
A. I. Kriukova, I. M. Vladymyrova
No 1(93) (2018) The study of the kinetics of drying natural zeolite granules in a tray dryer Abstract   PDF
V. D. Rybachuk, O. A. Ruban
No 1(93) (2018) The study of biopharmaceutical and adhesive characteristics of a dental gel Abstract   PDF
Ju. S. Masliy, O. A. Ruban
No 1(93) (2018) The study of stability of suppositories with the glifazin herbal complex during storage Abstract   PDF
A. S. Kutsanian, N. A. Shram, D. I. Dmitrievskiy
No 4(92) (2017) The study of o/w emulsions using the rotating viscometer method and the method of spin probes Abstract   PDF
A. M. Lyapunova, O. P. Bezugla, O. M. Lyapunov
No 4(92) (2017) Development of the composition and technology of a soap with sapropel Abstract   PDF
O. Y. Strus, N. P. Polovko, A. M. Filipska, O. V. Rekhletska
No 4(92) (2017) The general methodological approach to development of modern foam washing Abstract   PDF
I. I. Baranova, L. S. Petrovska, Yu. O. Bespalaya, S. V. Zaika
No 4(92) (2017) The study of liophilization parameters in the liposomal irinotecan development Abstract   PDF
O. V. Stadnichenko, Yu. M. Krasnopolsky, T. G. Yarnykh
No 3(91) (2017) Development of the laboratory technology of the combined pessaries with acyclovir and essential oils Abstract   PDF
O. M. Litvinova, Yu. V. Levachkova, V. M. Chushenko
No 3(91) (2017) Peculiarities of thickening of the modern foam base in the acid medium Abstract   PDF
L. S. Petrovska, Yu. O. Bezpala, I. I. Baranova
No 2(90) (2017) The pharmacotechnological studies of the phytospecies composition for the complex therapy of mastopathy Abstract   PDF
S. S. Zujkina, L. I. Vishnevska
No 1(89) (2017) The experimental substantiation of the shelf-life of “Candidocyde” vaccine Abstract   PDF
M. V. Rybalkin, O. P. Strilets, L. S. Strelnikov, O. L. Ivakhnenko
No 1(89) (2017) Substantiation of the choice of components for a combined drug used for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus Abstract   PDF
K. N. Toraiev, A. S. Nemchenko, N. A. Tsubanova, O. M. Bezchasniuk, L. V. Yevsieieva
No 4(88) (2016) Development of the original method for determination of diclofenac sodium in different drug dosage forms Abstract   PDF
V. A. Khanin, O. M. Kotenko, O. O. Moiseev, O. V. Dorovskyy
No 4(88) (2016) The study of the lipid membrane charge effect when creating liposomes with oxaliplatin Abstract   PDF
O. V. Stadnichenko, Yu. M. Krasnopolsky, T. G. Yarnykh
No 4(88) (2016) Development of the composition of the gel base for treating telogen effluvium Abstract   PDF
M. Fedorovska, N. Polovko
No 4(88) (2016) The study on the choice of flavours for the herbal syrup with the hepatotropic action Abstract   PDF
O. О. Shmalko, L. I. Vyshnevska, V. A. Megalinskyi
No 3(87) (2016) The justification for the choice of exipients of the prepation “Corvalol” in the form of sublingual tablets Abstract   PDF
I. O. Omelchenko, T. G. Yarnykh, G. I. Borschevskyi
No 3(87) (2016) The studies on development of the composition of masks with the sapropel paste Abstract   PDF
O. Ye. Strus, O. G. Geyderikh, L. F. Silaeva
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