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Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

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No 3(91) (2017) Analysis of modern approaches to formation of cost price for veterinary preparations Abstract   PDF
V. M. Nazarkina, Zh. M. Polova
No 3(91) (2017) The study of the directions for creation of employee benefits for pharmacy professionals and calculation of the possible cost of the individual components (options) Abstract   PDF
M. V. Zarichkova
No 2(90) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï Analysis of the Ukrainian employer current requirements to the pharmaceutical personnel Abstract   PDF
M. I. Garkusha, R. V. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, G. A. Gretska
No 1(89) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï Substantiation of the model of pricing for essential drugs in the context of the Health Technology Assessments Abstract   PDF
V. M. Nazarkina
No 1(89) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï The subjective assessment of causes of adverse effects of drugs in the population of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
M. M. Kobets
No 1(89) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï The study of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market of laxatives Abstract   PDF
T. Ivko, T. Germanyuk, L. Bobritskaya
No 1(89) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï Pharmacoepidemiological analysis of the use of antibacterial drugs in the pulmonary department of the multi-specialty hospital of the Republic of Tajikistan Abstract   PDF
L. V. Savchenkova, M. N. Saidova, N. S. Sanginova, I. P. Jabarov
No 1(89) (2017): Vìsnik farmacìï Analysis of the domestic pharmaceutical market of anthelmintic medicines Abstract   PDF
K. V. Tolochko, L. I. Vyshnevska
No 4(88) (2016) Assessment of the main trends of developing the market of foaming detergents in Ukraine Abstract   PDF
L. S. Petrovska
No 4(88) (2016) The scientific summary of monitoring results of expenditure for social protection in the European Union and Ukraine Abstract   PDF
M. V. Zarichkova
No 3(87) (2016) Expert evaluation of drugs as basic factor for development of recommended socioeconomic lists for the treatment of viral origin children enteritis Abstract   PDF
M. V. Balynska
No 2(86) (2016) Analysis of the normative legal regulation of accountability of medicines and medical products in healthcare institutions Abstract   PDF
T. F. Muzika, M. V. Zarichkova, M. V. Chesheva
No 2(86) (2016) Some issues of medical appointments in Ukraine Abstract   PDF
M. M. Kobets
No 2(86) (2016) The fundamental retrospective analysis of pharmacy human resources in Ukraine for 1981-1990 Abstract   PDF
M. S. Ponomarenko, O. S. Solovyov, S. V. Augunas, Yu. M. Grygoruk
No 1(85) (2016) Analysis of oromucosal medicinal products in solid dosage forms for therapeutic dentistry Abstract   PDF
L. I. Shulga, K. A. Chikhladze, S. M. Rolik, S. O. Povetkin
No 1(85) (2016) Analysis of the car first aid kits of Ukraine and Great Britain according to the normative documents Abstract   PDF
T. V. Diadiun, S. A. Mamedova
No 4(84) (2015) Substantiation of the socio-medical reasonability of development and cost-effectiveness of “Tiotarin” tablets Abstract   PDF
S. N. Kovalenko
No 4(84) (2015) Theoretical foundation of evaluation of logistics risk in pharmacy Abstract   PDF
R. V. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, O. V. Dorovskyy
No 4(84) (2015) Determination of prospects of using “Sinuforte” drug in the current pharmacotherapy of sinusitis and the merchandising analysis of its package Abstract   PDF
T. V. Diadiun, O. V. Dorovskyy
No 4(84) (2015) Analysis of psychosocial factors of the pharmacist adaptation to the profession Abstract   PDF
N. V. Teterich
No 3(83) (2015) The study of approaches to risk management in pharmacy Abstract   PDF
E. N. Ievtushenko
No 3(83) (2015) Analysis of the assortment of antidiabetic drugs at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
O. V. Trygubchak
No 3(83) (2015) Development of standard operating procedures and their introduction in compounding pharmacies Abstract   PDF
O. A. Zdoryk
No 3(83) (2015) The study of consumer aspects of medical products for diagnosis of pregnancy Abstract   PDF
T. V. Diadiun, I. I. Baranova, A. A. Lytovchenko
No 3(83) (2015) Analysis of the domestic market of plant-based medicines Abstract   PDF
E. V. Tolochko
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