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No 2(94) (2018) The study of the technological and microbiological parameters of a dietary supplement “Osteovert” Abstract   PDF
A. I. Kriukova, I. M. Vladymyrova
No 2(78) (2014) The study of the therapeutic action of the cell-associated antigens of candida albicans and candida tropicalis fungi Abstract   PDF
M. V. Rybalkin
No 1(89) (2017) The study of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market of laxatives Abstract   PDF
T. Ivko, T. Germanyuk, L. Bobritskaya
No 2(78) (2014) The study of the volatile oils composition obtained from vegetative and generative organs of ballota nigra l. Abstract   PDF
Yana S. Kolisnyk, Alla M. Kovaleva, Olga V. Goryacha
No 4(80) (2014) The study of toxicological properties of a new combined cream “Dermalipoin” Abstract   PDF
A. M. Sheyhali, N. M. Kononenko
No 3(87) (2016) The study on development of the technology of the syrup with the hepatotropic and choleretic action Abstract   PDF
O. O. Shmalko, L. I. Vishnevskaya, Yu. G. Piskovatskiy, V. A. Megalinskij
No 4(88) (2016) The study on the choice of flavours for the herbal syrup with the hepatotropic action Abstract   PDF
O. О. Shmalko, L. I. Vyshnevska, V. A. Megalinskyi
No 3(95) (2018) The study on the elemental composition of the feverfew herb (Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Schultz bip.) Abstract   PDF
K. R. Hordiei, T. M. Gontova, M. Y. Zolotaikina
No 1(89) (2017) The subjective assessment of causes of adverse effects of drugs in the population of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
M. M. Kobets
No 1(85) (2016) The substantiation for introduction of the innovative technological process for industrial production of parenteral dosage forms by the example of torasemіde, solution for injection Abstract   PDF
A. M. Goy
No 1(85) (2016) The synthesis and physicochemical properties of new derivatives of 5-r-phenylamino-2-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazole Abstract   PDF
I. V. Sych, L. O. Perekhoda, Z. G. Ieromina, L. O. Grinevich, N. P. Kobzar, I. V. Drapak
No 3(91) (2017) The synthesis and the antimicrobial activity of N1-substituted 5-amino-4-arylsulfonyl-3-N-phenylaminopyrazoles Abstract   PDF
P. V. Tkachenko, O. V. Tkachenko, K. Yu. Netosova, O. V. Borisov, I. O. Zhuravel, V. V. Kazmirchuk
No 4(88) (2016) The synthesis and the antimicrobial activity of the substituted aryl amides of 3-arylmethyl-2,4- dioxo-1,3,7-triazaspiro[4.4]nonane-7-carboxylic acids Abstract   PDF
K. Yu. Krolenko, S. V. Vlasov, O. D. Vlasova, I. O. Zhuravel
No 4(96) (2018) The synthesis of 2-amino-4-aryl-4H-pyrano[3,2-c][1,2] benzoxathiine-3-carbonitrile 5,5-dioxides and the study of their effect on the blood coagulation process Abstract   PDF
G. V. Grygoriv, D. A. Lega, L. M. Shemchuk, L. M. Maloshtan, G. S. Kalenichenko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk
No 4(92) (2017) The synthesis of 3,5-dibromo-2-chlorobenzoic acid hydrazides as potential antituberculous drugs Abstract   PDF
D. O. Alferova, I. S. Gritsenko, A. O. Rebryk, N. P. Kobzar, O. O. Altukhov, O. V. Shapovalova, O. S. Kaliuzhnaia, M. M. Suleiman
No 4(84) (2015) The synthesis of new biologically active substances among 4-amino-5-alkyl-1,2,4-triazole(4H)-3-yl-thioacetanilides and their chemical modification Abstract   PDF
N. B. Saidov, V. A. Georgiyants, A. M. Demchenko
No 2(94) (2018) The synthesis of spiro[indole-3,1’-pyrrolo[3,4 -c]pyrrole]- 2,4’,6’-trione derivatives, the study of their antimicrobial activity and the molecular docking on staphylococcal dehydrosqualene synthase Abstract   PDF
R. G. Redkin, K. V. Hlebova
No 2(90) (2017) The synthesis of the substituted 4-alkyl/arylsulfonyl-5-amino-3-alkylthiopyrazoles as promising pharmaceutical agents with the antifungal action Abstract   PDF
P. V. Tkachenko, O. V. Tkachenko, K. Yu. Netosova, O. V. Borisov, I. O. Zhuravel
No 3(87) (2016) The synthesis, physicochemical and biological properties of 8-amino-7-(2-hydroxy-2-phenylethyl)-3-methylxanthines Abstract   PDF
M. I. Romanenko, D. G. Ivanchenko, M. V. Nazarenko, M. V. Diachkov, O. M. Kamyshnyi, N. M. Polishchuk
No 1(89) (2017) The synthesis, spectral properties and the biological activity of 7-arenesulfonyl-3-arylmethyl-1,3,7-triazaspiro[4.4]nonane-2,4-dione derivatives Abstract   PDF
K. Yu. Krolenko, S. V. Vlasov, I. O. Zhuravel, T. P. Osolodchenko
No 2(94) (2018) The technological aspects for complex processing of hawthorn fruits Abstract   PDF
N. V. Sydora, A. M. Kovalyova, V. K. Iakovenko
No 2(86) (2016) The technological aspects of creating a solid dosage form based on metformin and benfotiamine Abstract   PDF
K. N. Toraev, E. M. Bezchasnyuk, T. V. Shyteyeva
No 3(83) (2015) The topical issues of clinical pharmacology of clarithromycin Abstract   PDF
O. O. Yakovleva, A. B. Ilchenko
No 4(88) (2016) The use of analytical methods for quality control of promising active pharmaceutical ingredients among derivatives of 4-oxoquinoline- 3-propanoic acids Abstract   PDF
V. O. Zubkov, N. I. Ruschak, M. M. Suleiman, A. O. Devyatkіna, I. S. Gritsenko
No 4(92) (2017) The use of the HPLC method for the quantitative determination of cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate in a dental gel Abstract   PDF
V. Yu. Anisimov, V. O. Gelmboldt, S. M. Gubar, A. V. Myhal, N. Yu. Bevz, V. A. Georgiyants
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