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No 1(85) (2016) Development of the quantitative determination method for a new caries-preventive compound Abstract   PDF
V. Yu. Anisimov, V. O. Gelmboldt, N. Yu. Bevz, V. A. Georgiyants
No 1(81) (2015) Development of the shampoo for children Abstract   PDF
L. S. Petrovskaya, O. V. Zhuk, I. I. Baranova
No 3(83) (2015) Development of the spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of metronidazole in capsules Abstract   PDF
O. S. Golovchenko, V. A. Georgiyants, A. V. Myhal
No 2(98) (2019) Development of the technology of a lyophilized powder for preparing the solution for injections based on bee venom Abstract   PDF (Українська)
O. I. Tykhonov, L. G. Almakaeva, O. S. Shpychak
No 2(82) (2015) Development of the technology of “Fitoryn-plus” nasal gel for treating allergic rhinitis Abstract   PDF
O. A. Rukhmakova, T. G. Yarnykh
No 4(92) (2017) Development of the UV-spectrophotometric and extraction-spectrophotometric methods of the atomoxetine quantitative determination suitable for the chemical and toxicological analysis Abstract   PDF
L. Yu. Tomarovska, S. V. Baiurka, S. A. Karpushyna
No 1(77) (2014) Development of the “Dissolution” test for bisoprolol tablets Abstract   PDF
O. O. Vislous, N. Yu. Bevz, V. A. Georgiyants, N. V. Zhivora
No 1(77) (2014) Develpoment and evaluation of validation characteristics of the quantitative determination method for loratadine in the syrup Abstract   PDF
A. V. Glushchenko, V. A. Georgiyants, N. Yu. Bevz
No 4(80) (2014) Evaluation of metrological characteristics of spectrophotometric quantitative determination of paracetamol in tablets by specific absorbance Abstract   PDF
O. A. Yevtifieieva, K. I. Proskurina
No 4(96) (2018) Experimental study of the cream with cerium dioxide nanoparticles on the model of photodynamic injury in guinea pigs Abstract   PDF
G. V. Zaychenko, O. A. Pokotylo
No 3(87) (2016) Expert evaluation of drugs as basic factor for development of recommended socioeconomic lists for the treatment of viral origin children enteritis Abstract   PDF
M. V. Balynska
No 3(79) (2014) Hexafluorosilicates with antibacterial active guanidine containing cations Abstract   PDF
V. O. Gelmboldt, V. Yu. Anisimov, O. V. Prodan
No 3(83) (2015) Hydrolytic cleavage of the pyrimidine ring in 2-aryl-[1,2,4]triazole[1,5-c]quinazolines: physico-chemical properties and the hypoglycemic activity of the compounds synthesized Abstract   PDF
S. V. Kholodnyak, K. P. Schabelnyk, G. A. Shernova, T. Yu. Sergeieva, V. V. Ivchuk, O. Yu. Voskoboynik, S. I. Kovalenko, S. D. Trzhetsinskiy, S. I. Okovytyy, S. V. Shishkina
No 4(84) (2015) Identification of additional diagnostic features of the anatomical structure in the raw material of Phlomis Pungens Willd. Abstract   PDF
Yu. B. Kerimov, A. S. Shukurova
No 3(87) (2016) Investigation of the chemical composition and pharmacological activity of polysaccharide complex obtained from Ledum palustre Abstract   PDF
T. V. Upyr, K. S. Tolmacheva, O. M. Koshovyi, A. M. Komissarenko, I. V. Kireev
No 2(78) (2014) Investigation of the composition of active pharmaceutical ingredients in “Apised” capsules by the method of high performance liquid chromatography Abstract   PDF
O. S. Shpychak, O. I. Tikhonov
No 3(79) (2014) Investigation of the role of i1- and i2-imidazoline receptors in the mechanіsm of the hypoglycemic action of n,n’-(ethane-1,2 dyyil)bis(quinoline- 2-carboxamide) Abstract   PDF
O. M. Kalapko, S. Yu. Shtrygol’, S. Yu. Shtrygol’, B. V. Paponov, B. V. Paponov, S. V. L’vov, S. V. L’vov
No 2(86) (2016) Iodometric determination of cefuroxime by the potassium hydrogenperoxomonosulphate reaction Abstract   PDF
Yu. Yu. Serdiukova, M. N. Ivashura, T. O. Oleksienko
No 4(80) (2014) Management decision as a component of effective organization management Abstract   PDF
V. V. Malyi
No 1(77) (2014) Marketing analysis of the drugs used for the treatment of affected military men with brain injuries Abstract   PDF
O. P. Shmatenko, A. M. Solomenny, O. V. Pleshkova
No 1(97) (2019) Marketing research of the contemporary market of parapharmaceuticals based on wine Abstract   PDF
O. V. Lebedynets, S. M. Kovalenko, S. V. Breusova
No 2(78) (2014) Marketing research of the market of drugs with the choleretic action Abstract   PDF
L. O. Bobritskaya, M. A. Arakelyan, N. V. Popova
No 1(77) (2014) Marketing research of the pharmaceutical market of medicines used topically for diseases of the locomotor apparatus Abstract   PDF
O. S. Shpychak, O. I. Tikhonov
No 1(77) (2014) Methodological approaches to development of the national guidelines on the health technology assessment Abstract   PDF
K. L. Kosyachenko, A. S. Nemchenko
No 2(78) (2014) Methodology of creating an encapsulated dosage form with bee products. Report II Abstract   PDF
N. S. Bogdan, O. I. Tikhonov
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