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No 4(96) (2018) The marketing research of drugs for prevention and treatment of stress conditions at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine Abstract   PDF
O. V. Yakovenko, O. A. Ruban, V. V. Hrynenko
No 1(93) (2018) The marketing research of the Ukrainian market of drugs for the treatment of arthritis Abstract   PDF
М. M. Postoy, L. I. Vyshnevska
No 3(83) (2015) The method for obtaining of the protective pertussis antigen by low-frequency ultrasound Abstract   PDF
O. Yu. Isayenko
No 3(79) (2014) The parameters optimization of liquefied gas extraction of the yellow bedstraw overground part by the response surface methodology Abstract   PDF
А. V. Proskochilo, V. G. Demianenko, D. V. Demianenko
No 2(94) (2018) The pharmacognostic study of the aerial part of Prangos ferulacea lindl. at the stage of the beginning of vegetation Abstract   PDF
Yu. B. Kerimov, D. I. Isaev, E. G. Kerimli, E. Yu. Akhmedov
No 1(85) (2016) The pharmacological activity of derivatives of 4-oxo-3,4-dihydroquinazoline and anthranilamides containing a fragment of glycine Abstract   PDF
Yu. O. Ovsjanykova, D. V. Levashov, V. M. Kravchenko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk
No 2(90) (2017) The pharmacotechnological studies of the phytospecies composition for the complex therapy of mastopathy Abstract   PDF
S. S. Zujkina, L. I. Vishnevska
No 1(99) (2020) The pharmacotechnological studies on the development of the plant raw material for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases Abstract   PDF (Українська)
G. D. Slipchenko, O. A. Ruban, T. Ye. Kolisnyk
No 4(92) (2017) The phytochemical profile and antibacterial activity of fluid extracts of Galium verum L. herb Abstract   PDF
I. L. Shynkovenko, T. V. Ilyina, O. V. Goryacha, A. M. Kovalyova, T. M. Osolodchenko, A. M. Komisarenko
No 2(86) (2016) The place of meloxicam in the series of modern non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs Abstract   PDF
G. V. Zaychenko, O. M. Liapunov, O. P. Bezugla
No 4(84) (2015) The qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile compounds of the herb of dahlia nymphaeales of Ken’s Flame cultivar Abstract   PDF
N. I. Ilyinska, T. M. Gontova, Ya. S. Krukova
No 4(80) (2014) The quantitative content of the main groups of biologically active substances in the bay laurel raw materiaL Abstract   PDF
S. G. Musienko, V. S. Kyslychenko
No 4(88) (2016) The quantitative determination of hydrogen peroxide by voltammetry on the carbositall electrode Abstract   PDF
M. Blazheyevskiy, O. Mozgova
No 1(85) (2016) The quantitative relationships of the partition coefficients calculated in the series of n-r-amine functional derivatives Abstract   PDF
M. Yu. Golik, O. S. Kryskiv, A. M. Komissarenko, O. V. Kolisnyk, K. I. Dudka
No 1(89) (2017) The quantitative “structure – antibacterial activity” relationships in a series of N-substituted amino acids Abstract   PDF
M. Yu. Golik, O. S. Kryskiv, A. M. Komissarenko, O. V. Kolisnyk, K. I. Dudka
No 1(85) (2016) The reactivity of aromatic and heterocyclic derivatives of hydrazine. Vіі. The acid-base properties of substituted 5,7-dichloro-9-hydrazine acridine Abstract   PDF
A. O. Deviatkina, O. M. Svechnikova, S. V. Kolisnyk, N. P. Kobzar, A. F. Vinnyk
No 2(94) (2018) The reactivity of ethyl esters of 2-(benzoylamino) (1-R-2-oxoindoline-3-ylidene) acetic acids Abstract   PDF
S. V. Kolisnyk, O. M. Svechnikova, O. F. Vinnyk, O. V. Kolisnyk, O. O. Altukhov
No 2(82) (2015) The reactivity of N-[(2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-2-oxiacetyl] amino acids Abstract   PDF
S. V. Kolisnyk, O. M. Svechnikova, R. I. Kratenko, O. V. Kolisnyk
No 2(90) (2017) The reactivity of propyl esters of N-[(2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-2-oxiacetyl]amino acids Abstract   PDF
O. M. Svechnikova, S. V. Kolisnyk, O. F. Vinnyk, O. V. Kolisnyk
No 2(78) (2014) The reactivity of substituted 6,9-dichloracridines Abstract   PDF
O. M. Sviechnikova, S. V. Kolesnyk, O. V. Kolesnyk
No 3(79) (2014) The research of organic acids in black alder (alnus glutinosa (l.) Gaertn.) Buds and leaves Abstract   PDF
Yu. A. Fedchenkova, O. P. Khvorost
No 4(88) (2016) The scientific summary of monitoring results of expenditure for social protection in the European Union and Ukraine Abstract   PDF
M. V. Zarichkova
No 2(94) (2018) The spectrophotometric study of thioctic acid solutions to develop the method of its quantitative determination Abstract   PDF
I. V. Kovalevska, O. A. Ruban, V. O. Grud’ko
No 3(87) (2016) The studies on development of the composition of masks with the sapropel paste Abstract   PDF
O. Ye. Strus, O. G. Geyderikh, L. F. Silaeva
No 4(96) (2018) The studies on the pharmaceutical development of dosage forms with silver and gold nanoparticles for use in dentistry and surgery Abstract   PDF
S. B. Bilous, L. S. Rieznichenko, S. M. Dybkova, A. V. Rybachuk, T. H. Kalyniuk
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