: II stage of the All-Ukrainian Students Competition in the field of Pharmacy

Dear colleagues!

According to the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine No. 1313 dated November 28, 2018, "On conducting an All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the 2018-2019 academic year", the National Pharmaceutical University is designated as the basic institution of higher education for the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Students Competition in the field of Pharmacy, which will take place April 24-26, 2019.

Registration of the participants of the Competition will take place on April 24, 2019 from 9.00 to 10.00 at the address: street. Valentinovskaya, 4 (passage to metro station "Studentskaya").

The Olympiad will be conducted on plant technology of medicines, organization and economics of pharmacy, pharmacognosy and pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Invited to participate:

- two students of IV course - winners of the I-st university stage of the Competition on the specialty "Pharmacy";

- the head of the delegation (one person) among the leading scientific and pedagogical workers for work in the jury or the appellate commission, which will be assigned to these working bodies of the Competition by the results of the draw.

Olympiad will have 2 rounds:

1. Theoretical (written)

2. Practical

The participants of the theoretical tour will be offered a task, elaborated by the jury of the Olympiad on the basis of options presented by delegations from the pharmacy technology of medicines, factory technology of medicines, the organization and economy of pharmacy, pharmacognosy and pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry.

Each delegation must submit one variant of the competition from 5 tests of 3-4 difficulty levels (compliance tests, open tests, settlement tasks, chain tasks), answers to it and references to sources of information from the following sections of disciplines:

Pharmacy drug technology: Soft pharmaceutical forms

Industrial technology of drugs: Extracts

Organization and economics of pharmacy: Problems of prescription and non-prescription drug delivery in Ukraine

Pharmacognosy: Medicinal herbs and medicines containing vitamins.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry: Analysis of medicinal substances from the group of steroid hormones and their synthetic analogues

Pharmacology: Drugs affecting cholinergic and adrenergic synapses

Each student participant and team leader at the time of arrival at the Olympiad must have completed and certified in the educational institution a questionnaire for the prescribed form (http://nuph.edu.ua/ru/olimpiada-po-discipline-farmaciya/), passport, student card (for students), identification code.

The program of the Competition



During the day

Arrival and accommodation of participants






Opening of the Competition


Acquaintance with the base of the practical stage


Theoretical tour




Practical tour


Cultural program


Summing the results of the Competition




Closing of the Competition, rewarding winners

During the day

Departure of delegations


Responsible persons from the organization of the Olympiad:

Head of the jury of the Competition is the head of the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs of the National University of Pharmacy, professor Ruban Olena (phone (0572) 678852), e-mail: ztl@nuph.edu.ua


Responsible secretary is the associate professor of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department of the National University of Pharmacy Taran Kateryna (phone (0572) 67-91-97, (096) 0708651), e-mail: stud.contest@nuph.edu.ua


Additional information can be found under the link: http://nuph.edu.ua/ru/olimpiada-po-discipline-farmaciya/