The analysis of the drug assortment of immunostimulants presented at the Ukrainian market




pharmaceutical market, immunostimulants, natural clays, yellow and green clays


Aim. To analyze the registered medicines of the group of immunostimulants in order to determine the feasibility of creating and organizing the production of new drugs based on natural clays, in particular green and yellow clays.

Materials and methods. The list of medicinal products compiled from official sources of information was used in the work; it was processed by the methods of generalization, systematization, graphical method, as well as the methods of comparative and structural analysis.

Results and its discussion. The analysis of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market concerning the range of the registered immunostimulants has been performed. Structuring of the selected list of medicines by the ATC-classification, origin, composition, production characteristic and dosage form type has been carried out. By production basis the majority of medicines are of domestic production (63.58 %). It has been determined that drugs of the segment studied are produced in solid and liquid dosage forms. Solutions for injection are prevalent at the domestic pharmaceutical market, and the range of solid dosage forms is under developed. At the pharmaceutical market, there are no drugs of this group with natural clays, in particular yellow and green clays.

Conclusions. The absence of immunostimulants based on natural clays at the Ukrainian market has been proven; it indicates the feasibility of introducing new domestic drugs with the immunostimulating action on the basis of natural clays, in particular yellow and green clays, to the market.

Author Biographies

V. Rybachuk, National University of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D), associate professor of the Department of Industrial Technology of Drugs

Yu. Lyakhovchenko, National University of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine


A. Yanko, National University of Pharmacy of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine



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