Marketing analysis of the drugs used for the treatment of affected military men with brain injuries

O. P. Shmatenko, A. M. Solomenny, O. V. Pleshkova


During the research the comparative analysis of protocols of medical care for patients with brain injuries and information of scientific literature and evidence-based medicine has been conducted. It has demonstrated that for the treatment of affected military men with brain injury the following groups of drugs are used: antibacterial agents for systemic use, psychoanaleptics, blood substitutes and perfusion solutions, antiepileptics, vitamins, peripheral vasodilators, cardiac drugs, calcium channel blockers, analgesics, antihemorrhagic drugs, drugs for treating wounds and ulcers, diuretics, antithrombotic agents, antiparkinsonian drugs, psycholeptics, vasoprotectives, beta adrenoreceptor antagonists, etc. Marketing analysis of certain groups of drugs has been conducted according to the following criteria: legal (registration in Ukraine), economic (commercial: country, company), pharmaceutical (types of dosage forms, the composition of active substances, method of application), pharmacotherapeutic (ATC-classification). The analysis of the domestic pharmaceutical market has shown that drugs for treatment of head injuries comprise 1034 drugs manufactured in 39 countries. It has been found that the Ukrainian producers are able to provide the necessary level of rendering medical care in treatment of the traumatic brain injury, they produce 549 names of drugs, and it is almost 53% of the total range of medicines. The first place among the Ukrainian companies manufacturing drugs for treatment of the brain injury has “Darnitsa pharmaceutical company” JSC, the second one – “Yuriа-Farm” Ltd., the third place – Pharmaceutical company “Zdorovye” Ltd. Foreign producers supply 485 drugs (47%). The leaders are India, Germany and Slovenia, which take the first, second and third places in the import of drugs, respectively.


marketing analysis; brain injury; drug therapy; medicines

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