The study of free coumarins in the plant raw material of medicago falcata l. Subsp. Romanica (prodan) O. Schwarz & klink


  • O. V. Grechana Zaporizhzhia State Medical University, Ukraine



Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O. Schwarz & Klink, pharmacognostic research, coumarins


The article presents the data of the pharmacognostic research of the plant raw material from the overground parts of Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O. Schwarz & Klink. The aim of our work was to determine the composition and the quantitative content of the components from the true coumarins class revealing the anticoagulation effect. The plant raw material was collected in the period of active vegetation. It was dried in a draught at the temperatures up to 40°C. For the first time gas-liquid chromatography with mass spectrometric detection of the raw material extract has been performed. The components have been identified by the library of mass spectra NIST 05 and WILEY 2007 together with the programmes for identifying AMDIS and NIST. The internal standard method has been used for quantitative calculations. The data obtained have shown the presence of 66 compounds, and 38 of them have been identified and quantitatively characterized. The extract from the raw material of Medicago falcata L. subsp. romanica (Prodan) O.Schwarz & Klink contains a number of biologically active substances in the native form – fatty acid and primary products of biosynthesis. Dihydrocoumarin and coumarin in the corresponding amounts have been identified from compounds of the true coumarin class in the overground parts of alfalfa (M. falcata L. subsp. romanica).


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Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances