Methodological approaches to development of the national guidelines on the health technology assessment


  • K. L. Kosyachenko Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine
  • A. S. Nemchenko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



healthcare system, health technology assessment, clinical analysis, economic analysis, analysis of the impact on the budget


On the basis of scientific processing and compilation of the literary sources data reflecting the methodology of creating the guidelines for the system of health technology assessment the main stages of the informative components of the National guidelines in health technology assessment have been determined. The informative components of the guidelines developed have the following four stages: description of the task in the technology assessment, clinical analysis, economic analysis, and analysis of the impact on the healthcare system. The first stage of the research is determination of the technology to be estimated – diagnostic, preventive or therapeutic interventions, which is used in a specific clinical situation. At the second stage the clinical analysis, which concerns the medical consequences of using the health technologies estimated, is carried out. It also provides information about its efficacy and safety in a particular group of patients compared to the similar technologies. The third stage provides the performance of the economic analysis consisting of comparison of the technology to be estimated with the reference one based on the cost and health effects. There are three strategies for conducting the economic analysis of the medical technology: relevant; cost-effectiveness; and carried out again. At the fourth stage the analysis of the impact on the health system, the budget impact and assessment of the organizational consequences, as well as estimation of the ethical and social consequences has been conducted.


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