Marketing research of the market of drugs with the choleretic action


  • L. O. Bobritskaya National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • M. A. Arakelyan National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • N. V. Popova National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



cholelithiasis, marketing research, choleretic drugs, medicinal forms


Literary sources indicate that among hyperendemic diseases the problems of the biliary system take
one of the leading places and are widely represented in all age groups. According to the Centre for Health Statistics of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine the number of patients with cholelithiasis grows, the increase in its prevalence for the last 10 years is 97.5%. The primary cause of the disease is the human life style, as well as conditions and the environment, genetic predisposition and activities of healthcare institutions. More often the treatment of cholelithiasis is associated with hospitalization and high financial cost. Annually there are more than 2.5 million operations on the bile ducts in the world. One of the alternative methods of treatment involves the use of drugs that are of natural and synthetic origin. Nowadays herbal medicines are gaining popularity. Prepared from herbs phytodrugs have a wide range of the therapeutic action with gradual, slow development of the therapeutic effect, high bioavailability, and patients can use them for a long time. Their action is not only aimed directly at treating disease, but also protecting and strengthening the organism as a whole. The aim of our work is to conduct the marketing research of the market of drugs with the choleretic action. It has been shown that the majority of the choleretic drugs range is formed by foreign producers, their share is 62% and domestic drugs are 38%. The countries importing drugs of the group under research have been studied. It has been proven that among the drugs with the choleretic action, tablets are the most common dosage form, their share is 55%. The results of the marketing analysis conducted allows to prove the expedience of creating combined medicinal products based on the plant raw material with a wide range of the therapeutic action that will have a high efficiency, quality and availability to the general public.


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