Analysis of the attitude of pharmacy specialists towards the current social protection system and directions for its reformation


  • M. V. Zarichkova National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



social protection of pharmacy specialists, social services, pharmaceutical industry, authorised person responsible for social issues, labour protection, ADPQ_(SPPhS) software application


The social status of pharmacy specialists (PhS) of the wholesale and retail branch of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine and their attitude towards the current social protection (SP) system have been analysed. The possibilities of PhS to gain social protection at their workplace, participate in social programmes and offers to reform the current SP system have been studied. It has been found that civil and self-regulating organisations in the system of social protection of pharmacy specialists (SPPhS) are of primary importance. This will enable to improve relations between participants of SPPhS and affect efficiently the solution of disputes between a PhS and an employer. For this purpose it has been offered to assign an authorised person who is responsible for social issues in the labour collective of pharmaceutical institutions of all types of ownership. The software application ADPQ_(SPPhS) (Automatic data processing questionnaires (the attitude to the current social protection for pharmacy specialists (SPPhS)) has been developed for the first time with the purpose of processing the results of SPPhS research of the wholesale and retail branch of the pharmaceutical industry of Ukraine.


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