The study of the calendula flowers extraction process


  • Yu. V. Iudina National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



tincture, Calendula officinalis, technology, pressure enhanced solvent extraction



This article presents the results of the study of the process of extraction of biologically active substances from the flowers of Calendula officinalis using pressure enhanced solvent extraction. The Timatic Micro laboratory extractor with the volume of 0.5 l designed for laboratory use when working with small amounts of the solvent and the product was used. The principle of its operation is based on a double action of pressure – low pressure and percolation of the plant raw material. It is possible to use various types of solvents (alcohols, water, glycerol, oils). The effect of the raw material particle size, the time of extraction, the number of cycles on quality parameters of the product has been studied. As a result of our studies, it has been found that the completeness of the BAS extraction is greatly influenced by the number of working cycles, as well as the time of the extraction process. The time of compression/decompression of the system was affected to a lesser extent. Thus, the optimal parameters of the calendula flowers extraction process are: extractant – 70% ethanol, degree of the plant raw material fineness – 3-5 mm, the ratio of the raw material to the extractant – 1:10, the extraction time – 5 hours, and the number of cycles – 75.

Author Biography

Yu. V. Iudina, National University of Pharmacy

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