The study of the properties of emulsions based on Sepiplus 400


  • T. M. Kovalyova National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • N. P. Polovko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



emulsion, emulsifier, rheological properties, structural viscosity


Emulsifying properties of Sepiplus 400 and emulsions on its basis obtained by the method of cold emulsification have been studied. It has been found that the given emulsifier being in the concentration of 1-5% without adding co-emulsifiers and structure-forming agents allows to obtain stable emulsions within the range of the oil phase concentrations of 10-40%. Organoleptic, physicochemical, technological, structural and mechanical properties of the experimental samples have been investigated; they prove their belonging to the structured systems with satisfactory thixotropic properties, sensory characteristics and spread capacity. It has been proven that the mass fraction of the emulsifier, as well as the mass fraction of the oil contribute to the increased viscosity index of the samples examined. The results of the studies conducted are the evidence of the prospectivity of Sepiplus 400 in development of medicinal and cosmetic emulsions of various kinds of actions.

Author Biography

N. P. Polovko, National University of Pharmacy



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Technology of Medicines