The study of consumer aspects of medical products for diagnosis of pregnancy


  • T. V. Diadiun National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • I. I. Baranova National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • A. A. Lytovchenko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



human chorionic gonadotropin, pregnancy test, consumer aspects, pregnancy diagnosing


To diagnose pregnancy means to ascertain the fact of pregnancy and its duration. Timely and accurate diagnosis of pregnancy and determination of its term are needed to prevent complications, premature birth and prolongation. There are several kinds of tests for pregnancy at the market such as conventional test strips, tablets, midstream sticks and electronic tests. Medical products for diagnosis of pregnancy are widely popular among women because of their high efficiency and reliability of the results. The leaders among manufacturing countries are Canada, Germany and the USA. It has been found that there are tests with different sensitivity of 30, 25, 20 and 10 Mme/ml. The least sensitive are simple strips (20-15 mIU/ml), and midstream sticks have the highest sensitivity (10 mIU/mL). The analysis of sensitivity indicators of tests has been conducted using of the standards WHO IS 75/537 and IRP 75/537. It has been found that such tests as Sezam, HomeTest and ULTRA, which can be used on the 7th day after fertilization, have the highest sensitivity.

Author Biographies

T. V. Diadiun, National University of Pharmacy

Доцент кафедри товарознавства

I. I. Baranova, National University of Pharmacy

Заведующий кафедрой товароведения.

A. A. Lytovchenko, National University of Pharmacy



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