Development of the composition of enteric coated tablets based on ademetionine 1.4-butanedisulphonate

K. S. Burdak, T. G. Yarnykh, M. I. Borshchevska, I. B. Yanchuk


Excipients are integral components of almost all medicines. They allow giving the necessary technological properties, which provide accurate dosing, proper strength and disintegration of tablets, to the tabletting mass. However, when developing a medicine not only the selection of the rational composition should be considered, but also the fact that excipients should not affect the properties of the active pharmaceutical ingredient and do not lead to its degradation. During the work the optimal composition of a tablet based on the substance of ademetionine 1.4-butanedisulphonate has been chosen and substantiated; compatibility of all components in the medicine has been proven.


excipients; compatibility; ademetionine 1;4-butanedisulfonate; film coating

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