Development of the quantitative determination method for a new caries-preventive compound

V. Yu. Anisimov, V. O. Gelmboldt, N. Yu. Bevz, V. A. Georgiyants


Fluorides are the most important treatment and preventive additive in the composition of any form; they prevent development of caries by increasing the resistance of enamel, as well as production of acids by bacteria of dental plaque. At the Odessa National Medical University the work on searching for fluorine-containing compounds in a series of quaternary bases and their subsequent use in dentistry is conducted. The pharmacological studies have shown that “onium” hexafluorosilicates have a higher caries-preventive effectiveness compared to sodium fluoride. Cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate has been found to be the most active in the dose of 15 mg/kg when used in the form of oral applications of the gel; its mechanism of action is in activation of alkaline phosphatase and lysozyme of the pulp of the teeth. Development of reliable methods for identification and quantitative determination is a prerequisite for further use of this compound in medical practice. The aim of this work was to develop the method for quantitative determination cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate. For further use of the method proposed for analysis of the compound under research its validation characteristics have been studied. According to the results of the research conducted it has been found that the method for quantitative determination of cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate in the substance corresponds to the following parameters: accuracy, precision, linearity (= 0.50 ≤ max=0.53, d = 0.17 ≤ max d = 0.32, a=0.80 max a=1.60, r=1.0000  min r=0.9993).


pharmaceutical analysis; quantitative determination; validation of the analytical method; cetylpyridinium hexafluorosilicate; caries-preventive agent

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