The study of the amino acid composition of the extracts obtained from cherry leaves and shoots, leaves of apricot and peach


  • L. V. Lenchyk National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



aminoacids, cherry, peach, apricot, HPLC


Extracts were obtained from raw materials of cultivated plants from family Rosaceae and pharmacological screening was carried out. It was found that extract of cherry shoots showed diuretic activity higher than the comparator hypothiazide at a dose of 100 mg / kg, extracts from cherry and apricot leaves had significant anti-inflammatory activity in a dose of 25 mg / kg, extract from peach leaves showed immunotropic activity in low concentration of 0.4 mg / ml detected in vitro These extracts are promising for further study and creation of new medicines on their basis. Composition and content of free amino acids in the dry extracts obtained from the leaves and shoots of cherry, leaves of apricot and soft extract from peach leaves were determined by HPLC. The presence of 21 amino acids of which eight are essential - threonine, valine, isoleucine, leucine, phenylalanine, histidine, lysine and arginine, was established. Proline, asparagine, γ-aminobutyric and glutamic acids, arginine and alanine prevailed. All extracts were free from cystine and methionine and only extracts from the leaves of cherry and peach contained cysteine in small amount. The dry extract of cherry shoots had the largest amount of amino acids - 3154.2 mg / L, the lowest - the extract from apricot leaves - 605.9 mg / L.

Author Biography

L. V. Lenchyk, National University of Pharmacy

Department of Chemistry of Natural Compounds


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