The study of the effect of the critical parameters on the manufacturing process of the oil phytoextract with the hepatoprotective action

O. Yu. Nkachuk, L. I. Vyshnevska, T. M. Zubchenko


The experimental studies conducted allow determining the critical parameters and their effect on the manufacturing process of oil extracts of the composition of the herbal raw material with the hepatoprotective action. The influence of the particle size of the raw material, concentration and the amount of ethanol on moistening of the phytocomposition and the temperature of extraction has been studied. As a result of the study the optimal parameters of extraction with the oil extractants providing efficiency of the active substances release from the herbal raw material have been determined. They are grinding of the herbal raw material by a screw shredder, an extractant for moistening is 70% ethanol in the amount of 0.6±0.1 ml per 1.0 of the raw material; the swelling time – 2.0±0.5 h; the temperature of extraction – 55±5ºC. According to the certain critical points of the manufacturing process the flowchart of manufacturing the combined oil herbal medicinal product under the conditional name “Oleosil” has been developed.


oil extracts; critical parameters; technology; composition of the herbal raw material; hepatoprotector

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