“Greening” of Amizone synthesis when manufacturing


  • V. A. Georgiyants National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • V. M. Kushniruk National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • P. O. Bezugly National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine




Amizone, manufacturing synthesis, “green chemistry”


The principles of “green chemistry” have been introduced into the procedure of manufacturing synthesis of Amizone. All starting raw materials as solvents have been assessed in accordance with their human toxicity, danger in production, as well as the possible impact on the environment and cost. According to the results of the analysis isonicotinic acid has been chosen as a starting substance for the synthesis at the first step, and the synthetic procedure without solvents has been proposed. The replacement of acetone with isopropanol has been proposed for the alkylation step according to the data concerning toxicity and manufacturing safety. Aqueous ethanol has been chosen as a solvent for recrystallisation. To reduce the impact on the environment the process of conversion of the benzylamine excess into less toxic and flammable hydrochloride has been recommended.

Author Biographies

V. A. Georgiyants, National University of Pharmacy

Head of Pharmaceutical chemistry department

V. M. Kushniruk, National University of Pharmacy

PhD student of Pharmaceutical chemistry department

P. O. Bezugly, National University of Pharmacy

Professor of Pharmaceutical chemistry department


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