The study on the choice of flavours for the herbal syrup with the hepatotropic action

O. О. Shmalko, L. I. Vyshnevska, V. A. Megalinskyi


Syrups obtained on the basis of the medicinal plant raw material are of special interest for conducting research despite the presence of their specific flavour characteristics, technology of intermediates, and increased susceptibility to microbial contamination. The study concerning substantiation of the choice of the optimal composition of flavours in the syrup based on the original formulation of the medicinal plant raw material (artichoke leaves, wild rose fruits, stevia herb, immortelle flowers, corn silk) has been conducted; the parameters of taste and emotional feelings caused by the drug developed have been studied. Compared to the natural flavour of the syrup, which has a bitter after-taste due to the components of the extracts of artichoke leaves, stevia herb, immortelle flowers, and slightly acid due to wild rose, as well as slightly sweet due to stevia herb, the samples with citric acid (4.90), as well as with the flavour formulation of peach/lemon and cherry/lemon (4.85 and 4.75, respectively) had the highest scores of organoleptic properties. It is interesting to note that compared to the control almost all samples improved emotional feelings. A comparative analysis of the “flavour map” formulations demonstrates that the sample of the syrup with citric acid has the smoothest taste; therefore, citric acid has been chosen for further studies.


syrup; excipients; flavour formulations; organoleptic evaluation; composition

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