Substantiation of the model of pricing for essential drugs in the context of the Health Technology Assessments


  • V. M. Nazarkina National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



pricing, essential drugs, National list of drugs, Health Technology Assessments


The problem of availability of drugs can be solved by implementation of effective social and economic mechanisms.

Aim. To substantiate theoretically the effective management model of pricing for drugs.

Materials and methods. The analysis of drug availability has been conducted; the model of pharmaceutical pricing has been proposed.

Results and discussion. The effective social pricing model for drugs has been proposed. This model is based on the use of a consolidated list of essential drugs, the method of forming the cost of drugs, scientifically based methods of the state regulation of prices and the results of the Health Technology Assessments .

Conclusions. Implementation of effective social pricing model allows improving drug availability and pharmaceutical care for the population.


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