Pharmacoepidemiological analysis of the use of antibacterial drugs in the pulmonary department of the multi-specialty hospital of the Republic of Tajikistan


  • L. V. Savchenkova Tajik National University, Tajikistan
  • M. N. Saidova Tajik National University, Tajikistan
  • N. S. Sanginova Tajik National University, Tajikistan
  • I. P. Jabarov Y. B. Iskhaki Khujand State Medical College, Tajikistan



pharmacoepidemiology, antibiotics, community-acquired pneumonia


The uncontrolled and excessive use of antibiotics in infectious diseases significantly reduces the effectiveness of the drug therapy, increases the risk of adverse reactions, increases the cost of treatment and, most importantly, promotes the growth and spread of antibiotic resistance. Monitoring of the consumption of this group of drugs for systemic use is one of the most important methods used in the system of measures to improve prescribing practices of this group.

Aim. To analyze the consumption of antimicrobial agents in the pulmonary department of the multi-specialty hospital using the DDD-methodology.

Materials and methods. The retrospective descriptive analysis of prescribing pharmacotherapy for patients being treated in the pulmonary department of the Sughd regional clinical hospital (Khujand, Tajikistan) was performed. Using the ATC/DDD-methodology the consumption of antimicrobial agents was studied. As a unit of measurement the grams of the active substance was used with the subsequent calculation of the indicator of DDD/100 bed-days and the percentage of the total DDD.

Results and discussion. The DDD-analysis of the consumption of antimicrobial drugs on the example of the pulmonary department of the multi-specialty hospital showed a significant change in the structure of the drug consumption in this group for the starting antibiotic therapy of respiratory tract infections over the past five years. A clear downward tendency was identified in the consumption of drugs of penicillin and macrolides with the transition to monotherapy with cephalosporins of the 3-rd generation (ceftriaxone) and partially fluoroquinolones.

Conclusions. Monitoring of the consumption of antimicrobials in in-patient departments using the ATC/DDD-methodology allows to make strategic decisions concerning the tactics of antibiotic treatment of diseases according to the department specialization, as well as to determine the direction of administrative measures for further improvement of the range of antibacterial drugs introducing modern effective products into practice and optimizing the consumption of antibiotics in each specific department.


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