Prospects for the creation of an antiviral drug based on the raw material of synthetic origin




acute respiratory viral infections, antiviral drugs, inosine pranobex


Aim. To determine the prospects for the creation of a drug based on inosine pranobex using scientific analysis of the characteristics and range of antiviral drugs at the pharmaceutical market ofUkraine.

Materials and methods. The material of the article was literary sources of electronic and printed publications on the problems of the use of the substance of synthetic origin – inosine pranobex in modern pharmacotherapy of epidemic mumps, herpes virus human, cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus, chickenpox virus, influenza virus and parainfluenza. The results were collected and processed using the analytical-comparative, logical and systematic methods of research and the analysis of scientific publications of scientists from different countries of the world, explanation of the reasons and the conceptual position of the authors of the works analyzed on the development and application of antiviral drugs and systematization of the data collected.

Results and discussion. The substance of synthetic origin, inosine pranobex, has a direct antiviral effect due to its ability to bind to the ribosomes of infected cells, slows down the synthesis of viral RNA (transcriptional and translational impairment) and leads to inhibition of replication of RNA and DNA-genomic viruses. Induction of interferon formation is also characteristic for the drugs on the basis of this substance. The immunomodulating properties of inosine pranobex are due to the ability of the substance to enhance the differentiation of pre-T-lymphocytes, stimulate mitogen-induced proliferation of T-and B-lymphocytes, increase the functional activity of T-lymphocytes, as well as their ability to form lymphokines. The synthesis of interleukin-1, the expression of membrane receptors and the ability to respond to lymphokines and chemotactic factors are stimulated. Due to the wide range of the pharmacological action, inosine pranobex stimulates mainly cellular immunity, which is especially effective under conditions of cellular immunodeficiency. It has been also found that the use of inosine pranobex helps to reduce the severity of symptoms of herpes infection, duration of the disease; in addition, the substance studied can enhance the antiviral effect of interferon, acyclovir and other antiviral drugs. The above facts prove the relevance of the use of inosine pranobex both for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic viral infections.

Conclusions. The article highlights the current issues of the treatment and prevention of acute respiratory viral infections at the present stage. The classification and features of the mechanism of action of common antiviral drugs are given. A comparison has been made between domestic and international data on the spectrum of application and the pharmacological safety of inosine pranobex. The studies indicate the prospects of creating production of the substance of synthetic origin – inosine pranobex inUkraine. The development of an antiviral drug based on it will significantly reduce the economic costs of industrial production and will be able to guarantee the quality of the medicinal product confirmed by clinical studies.


Author Biographies

O. S. Burdak, National University of Pharmacy

postgraduate student of the Department of Technology of Drugs

G. I. Borschevsky, PJSC “Farmak”.

head of the Laboratory of Technology Development of Pharmaceuticals

M. I. Borschevska, PJSC “Farmak”.

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil), professor, head of the Department of Biotechnology

S. V. Oleinik, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph. D), teaching assistant of the Department of Technology of Drugs


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