The study of the assortment and determination of volumes of consumption of antiretroviral drugs at the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market within 2017-2019




antiretroviral drugs, antiretroviral therapy, human immunodeficiency virus, consumption of drugs, pharmaceutical market, defined daily dose


As of 2017, 77.3 million people were infected worldwide since the start of the epidemic, and 35.4 million deaths associated with HIV were recorded. Despite the introduction of a complex of preventive and anti-epidemic measures, Ukraine remains the second country in Eastern Europe and Central Asia by the indicator of the load rate (economic and social) of the HIV epidemic. As of the end of 2017, only 136.378 people (excluding children born to HIV-positive women, the HIV status of children had not been definitively determined) knew about their positive HIV status and were registered in healthcare institutions (HCI), in particular 64.7 % (88.270 people) received the antiretroviral therapy (ART).
Aim. To study the assortment of drugs presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine for ART (ATC-code J05A – Direct-acting antiviral agents) and analyze the consumption of this group of drugs in order to assess the completeness of the necessary therapy to patients. Drugs for ART (J05A group) presented at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine were analyzed according to the “Pharmstandard” analytical system of the pharmaceutical market research of the “MORION” Company. To calculate the drug consumption for ART a unified ATC/DDD-methodology recommended by the WHO was used.
Results and discussion. It has been found that the volumes of consumption of antiretroviral drugs (ARD) increase in 2017-2019. It has been determined that according to the WHO there are 52 international non-proprietary names (INNs) in the world that can be used to treat HIV/AIDS, among them 24 INNs are registered in Ukraine, and only 15 INNs are actively used in 2019.

Conclusions. For the period under review from 2017 to 2019 the tendency to increase the consumption of drugs for ART has been determined. But the number of people with the confirmed HIV status who receive ART is much lower than the total number of people infected with HIV.

Author Biographies

O. I. Vysotska, Bogomolets National Medical University

MD, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of Educational and
research center – Ukrainian Family Medicine Training Center of Bogomolets National Medical University

L. V. Iakovlieva, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Head of the
Department of Pharmacoeconomics

T. O. Bahlai, National University of Pharmacy

Professor's Assistant of Department of Pharmacoeconomics


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