Substantiation of drug supply norms for military servicemen with thoracoabdominal injury


  • A. M. Solomennyy Ukrainian Military Medical Academy, Ukraine



military servicemen, drug supply, medicines, regulation, thoracoabdominal injury


Rendering of specialized medical care to the injured military servicemen with thoracoabdominal injury requires significant amounts of drugs, and it directly affects the overall cost of treatment. The rational quantitative and economic regulation of a wide range of medicines can be achieved by implementing the official list and using the process of drugregulation. It has been found that using a normative approach to determine the quantity of drugs for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is due to their structure, the principles of subordination and reporting, uniformity of structural divisions, partial territorial delivery, ease of calculation, the commonality of reports, etc. This optimization of the system of drug supply allows to solve effectively problems of clinical and economic treatment of the military servicemen with thoracoabdominal injury. In the course of study a method for the regulation of drugs has been developed and the norms for medicines have been substantiated for one injured soldier with thoracoabdominal injury, per ten beds of the specialized department and per one medical specialist of the department for rendering of specialized medical care to the injured military servicemen with thoracoabdominal injury at the level of the military medical clinical centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The calculation of such norms is based on the data of drug supply and patterns of affected persons with thoracoabdominal injury. This calculation is theoretical and will coincide with the actual cost incurred under condition of implementation of needs in funds to buy a hundred percent of drugs.


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