No 3(79) (2014)

Table of Contents

Technology of Medicines

Development of the formulation of “Artproment®” combined gel for application in sports medicine PDF
O. S. Shpychak, O. I. Tikhonov 4-9
The parameters optimization of liquefied gas extraction of the yellow bedstraw overground part by the response surface methodology PDF
А. V. Proskochilo, V. G. Demianenko, D. V. Demianenko 10-15
Nanoemulsion formation by low-energy methods: a review PDF
Yu. V. Sokolov 16-19
The study of dependence of the prenyl flavonoids content in the hop dry extract on temperature parameters of its obtaining PDF
O. O. Dobrovolnyi 20-24
The choice of the optimal pH range for a parenteral drug based on salts of aldonic and polycarboxylic acids PDF
N. V. Begunova 25-29
Development of the composition of the drug with the immunomodulatory action in the form of granules based on bee bread PDF
B. T. Kudrik, O. I. Tikhonov 30-33

Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances

Determination of the food azo dye carmoisine vs chlorpheniramine maleate ion associate structure PDF
A. S. Materiienko, V. O. Grudko, V. A. Khanin, V. A. Georgiyants 34-37
Development of the kinetic-spectrophotometric method for quantitative determination of zopiclone in tablets by the perhydrolysis reaction PDF
M. Ye. Blazheyevskiy, L. S. Kryskiw 38-41
Hexafluorosilicates with antibacterial active guanidine containing cations PDF
V. O. Gelmboldt, V. Yu. Anisimov, O. V. Prodan 42-45
Development of the method for quantitive determination of an active substance in “Tamsuloprost” suppositories PDF
V. I. Grytsenko, O. A. Ruban, S. M. Gubar, V. I. Gusarov 46-50
The research of organic acids in black alder (alnus glutinosa (l.) Gaertn.) Buds and leaves PDF
Yu. A. Fedchenkova, O. P. Khvorost 51-53

Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

Scientific substantiation of the basic trends of prescription and non-prescription medicines sales in Ukraine PDF
L. V. Tereshchenko, A. S. Nemchenko 54-57
Substantiation of drug supply norms for military servicemen with thoracoabdominal injury PDF (Українська)
A. M. Solomennyy 58-62
Analysis of the influence of external microenvironmental factors on the activity of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises PDF
I. V. Bondareva 63-66
Peculiarities of prescribing and use of opioids in palliative care mobile teams PDF
N. O. Datsiuk, D. S. Volokh, N. V. Sholoyko 67-69

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Comparison of the action of associated antigens and associated inactivated cells of c. Albicans and c. Tropicalis fungi PDF
M. V. Rybalkin, N. I. Filimonova, L. S. Strelnikov 70-73
Investigation of the role of i1- and i2-imidazoline receptors in the mechanіsm of the hypoglycemic action of n,n’-(ethane-1,2 dyyil)bis(quinoline- 2-carboxamide) PDF
O. M. Kalapko, S. Yu. Shtrygol’, S. Yu. Shtrygol’, B. V. Paponov, B. V. Paponov, S. V. L’vov, S. V. L’vov 74-77
Sf-36 questionnaire as the instrument of the life quality assessment in patients with diabetes mellitus type 2 PDF
T. A. Germanyuk, T. I. Ivko 78-82