The study of the foaming ability of some surfactants


  • A. O. Drozdova Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Ukraine



stability and height of the stump, a surfactant, a hydrophilic substance solution


The foaming ability of some surfactants, namely such parameters as the height of the foam column and foam stability, has been studied. It has been found that in solutions with one surfactant there is no specific dependence between the foam height and foam stability. It has been proven experimentally that the active phase of foaming (the height of the foam column) lasts up to 100-150 s. Starting from 150 s the height of the foam decreases, and this process lasts up to 300 s. It has been shown that despite the fact that the surfactants studied form foam in solutions, there is no possibility to select the optimal surfactant. According to the studies conducted it is due to the fact that a stable foam is formed by combining two or more surfactants. The data obtained show that the test solutions are not suitable for use in the drug composition because it is impossible to guarantee the quality of the foam. Therefore, to ensure the quality of foam-forming composition it is rational to continue further studies of the combination of two or more surfactants in solutions.


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Technology of Medicines