No 2(82) (2015)

Table of Contents

Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances

The reactivity of N-[(2-oxoindolin-3-ylidene)-2-oxiacetyl] amino acids PDF
S. V. Kolisnyk, O. M. Svechnikova, R. I. Kratenko, O. V. Kolisnyk 3-6
Physicochemical parameters and the diuretic activity of 5-(4-R)behzyl-1,3,4-oxadiazol-2-il-thioacetic acid amides PDF
V. A. Georgiyants, L. O. Perekhoda, I. A. Sych, L. O. Grinevich, O. K. Ryadnykh, A. V. Zhuravel 7-11
The study of amino acid composition of sapropel by the capillary electrophoresis method PDF
O. Ye. Strus 12-16
Stability estimation of the wool fat substance when storing in the pharmacy PDF
L. P. Savchenko, M. O. Khmelyova, O. A. Yevtifeeva, V. A. Georgiyants 17-20

Technology of Medicines

Development of the technology of “Fitoryn-plus” nasal gel for treating allergic rhinitis PDF
O. A. Rukhmakova, T. G. Yarnykh 21-26
The choice of the rational technology of “Dentatryhin” gel PDF
V. S. Kucherenko, Sv. M. Kovalenko, I. I. Baranova 27-30
The study of the foaming ability of some surfactants PDF
A. O. Drozdova 31-34

Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

Assessment of the rational use of budgetary funds on drug supply by healthcare institutions under the conditions of introduction of the formulary system PDF
A. V. Kabachna, E. V. Shelkova, O. G. Kabachnyi 35-39
Peculiarities of application of the model of adaptation of the organizational structure of pharmaceutical enterprises to the external environment changes PDF
I. V. Bondareva 40-44
The study of modern approaches to provision of pharmaceutical care in the conditions of good pharmacy practice introduction PDF
V. M. Nazarkina, O. A. Nemchenko 45-48
Development of methodological framework for setting the drug stock in pharmacy distribution PDF
O. V. Posylkina, V. G. Kotlarova, Yu. Ye. Novitska 49-53

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

The antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles in vitro PDF
A. O. Pryskoka, A. V. Rudenko, L. S. Reznichenko, T. G. Gruzina, Z. R. Ulberg, I. S. Chekman 54-58
A comparative study of efficiency of different ivermectin medicinal forms for treating helmintosis in live-stock animals PDF
Yu. V. Sokolov 59-62
The effect of ivabradine and ω-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the fibronectin plasma levels in patients with heart failure PDF
S. V. Fedorov 63-65
The effect of substituents in the molecules of N-, R-alkyl amines on some gram-positive strains of microorganisms PDF
M. Yu. Golik, M. A. Komissarenko, S. G. Leonova, T. P. Osolodchenko 66-69
The study of a possible general toxical action of 5,7-dihydro-1H-pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine derivatives PDF
O. V. Sevryukov, V. A. Volkovoy, S. V. Kolisnyk, K. M. Sytnik 70-72
The hypolipidemic activity of Poterium sanguisorba L. PDF
V. S. Klevanova, S. D. Trzhetsynskiy, N. S. Fursa 73-76