Analysis of psychosocial factors of the pharmacist adaptation to the profession


  • N. V. Teterich National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



socio-psychological factors, labour adaptation, pharmaceutical employees, pharmaceutical activity, adaptive potential


The current activities of pharmaceutical employees are characterized by a significant increase in their functional responsibilities and require a high level of professionalism, initiative, perseverance and social competence determining the proper adaptation. The analysis of the literature on professional adaptation of pharmaceutical employees has shown that the study of resources of the adaptation process have not been assessed properly either in management psychology or in other disciplines related to it. According to the test results of pharmaceutical employees by the method of A.G.Maklakov and S.V.Chermyanin the basic factors of adaptability, namely the indicators of neuro-psychological stability, communicative ability and moral norms, as well as the final overall assessment of the personal adaptive potential have been determined. The results of the analysis conducted indicate the lack of nervous and mental stability of the respondents that poorly affects the course of their professional adaptation in pharmacies. The main areas to improve the level of professional adaptation of pharmaceutical employees are: assessment of the social and psychological competence; diagnostics of professional deformation; psychological trainings on the personal and professional growth for specialists; prevention of the occupational maladjustment of young professionals; mastering the skills of self-control of the emotional and volitional sphere and self-correction of professional deformations.

Author Biography

N. V. Teterich, National University of Pharmacy

Доцент кафедры организации и экономики фармации


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