The histological study of the effect of gels with silver nanoparticles and glucosamine On purulent wound healing


  • L. Bulyga National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • Ya. Butko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • Yu. Laryanovska National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



festering wound, gels, silver nanoparticles, glucosamine, histology


The search for new drugs to treat purulent wounds is one of the urgent problems of modern medicine. Most local wound healing drugs at the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine do not meet all modern medical and biological requirements for effective treatment of the wound process, and there is a need in expansion of their range. Modern developments related to the use of silver nanoparticles for treatment of wounds have several advantages, such as the multilevel antibacterial effect, delayed resistance, low toxicity, anti-inflammatory and reparative properties. The aim of our work was the histological study of the effect of gels with silver nanoparticles and glucosamine on healing the skin with a purulent necrotic wound in rats. The results have shown that the gels with glucosamine or silver nanoparticles and their combination applied to animals have better histological parameters of recovery of damaged tissues than those of the reference drug – “Dermazin” cream. A newly formed tissue has the most complete character in the wound of animals treated with the sample of the gel with silver nanoparticles and glucosamine. It confirms the rationality of the combination proposed and the absence of antagonism between the active ingredients. Therefore, for further pharmacological studies the combined gel containing glucosamine and silver nanoparticles is promising in order to develop a local drug of a new generation to treat infectious surface wounds.


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Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology