The study on development of the technology of the syrup with the hepatotropic and choleretic action


  • O. O. Shmalko National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • L. I. Vishnevskaya National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • Yu. G. Piskovatskiy National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine
  • V. A. Megalinskij National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



syrup, technology, hepatotropic and choleretic drugs, aqueous extract of the medicinal plant raw material


Among the most dangerous diseases of the hepatobiliary system (GBS), and gall bladder there are chronic and acute viral hepatites, cirrhosis and fibrosis of the liver, cholestases, cholecystitis, fatty liver, etc. Despite the large number of diseases, as well symptoms and syndromes accompanied them the main pathogenetic factors are destruction of hepatocytes, formation and outflow of the bile. Due to the combined composition the herbal drug developed in the form of syrup has a complex action. The problem of its administration in patients with diabetes mellitus and obesity is solved by using sorbitol and a natural sweetener – the herb of stevia. Development of the technology for “Cholophyt” syrup is based on physicochemical and technological properties of ingredients included in its composition. The main principle of the technology was to obtain the base of the syrup – the sorbitol concentrate with a preservative mixed with the concentrated combined aqueous extract. The critical stages of the technological process such as duration and the temperature of heating, the rate of mixing, the time and conditions of dissolution of ingredients have been determined.

Author Biographies

O. O. Shmalko, National University of Pharmacy

Кафедра аптечної технології ліків.

L. I. Vishnevskaya, National University of Pharmacy

Доктор фармацевтичних наук, професор. Кафедра аптечної технології ліків.

Yu. G. Piskovatskiy, National University of Pharmacy

Кандидат фармацевтичних наук, директор НВФК «ЕЙМ».

V. A. Megalinskij, National University of Pharmacy



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