The study of the directions for creation of employee benefits for pharmacy professionals and calculation of the possible cost of the individual components (options)




pharmacy institution, social protection of pharmacy professionals, employee benefits, components (options) of employee benefits, pharmacy professionals


Aim. To study the directions for creation of employee benefits for pharmacy professionals and calculation of the possible cost of the individual components (options) in a pharmacy institution.
Materials and methods. The methodological basis of this study is general scientific and applied research methods, including methods of pairwise interactions, methods of multivariate analysis (Data Mining algorithms, Sequence, Association Rules, and Link Analysis), Friedman ANOVA for dependent samples. The abovementioned analyses were conducted using a StatSoft Statistica software package.
Results and discussion. Using the methods of multidimensional statistical analysis and Data Mining the interaction between satisfaction with employee benefits in a pharmacy institution by pharmacy professionals (PhP) and the need to provide or review the current employee benefits and general satisfaction with it have been studied. The analysis of association rules has made it possible to identify stable blocks of interactions between individual components (options), which are peculiar to different degree of PhP satisfaction with employee benefits, and determine factors associated to the greatest extent with the poor, medium, high and total PhP satisfaction with employee benefits.
Conclusions. The weight loads of individual components (options) of employee benefits have been calculated in order to form the balanced composition and cost. Based on the proposed scheme of the optimal filling of employee benefits the cost calculation has been made for their components (options), which provide the desired total cost of employee benefits estimated taking into account the data from the survey of PhP questionnaires in the pharmacy institutions of different forms of ownership. Four types of expenses have been offered depending on the position held by PhP.

Author Biography

M. V. Zarichkova, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), assistant professor of the Department of Management and Economics of Pharmacy, Institute for Continuing Education of Pharmacy Professionals


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Organization and Economy of Pharmacy