A social significance of the pharmacogenetic testing in Ukraine on the example of the CYP2B6 gene participating in the nicotine metabolism





Pharmacogenetic testing, CYP2B6 gene, nicotine addiction, Ukraine


The study of the pharmacogenetic testing in Ukraine on the example of the gene CYP2B6 participating in the nicotine metabolism is currently topical and socially significant problem.
Aim. To determine the potential sample among the residents of Ukraine, for which the therapeutic effect of the treatment of nicotine addiction with bupropion will be the most effective considering polymorphism of the CYP2B6 gene.
Materials and methods. Genotyping of the participants in the study with respect to CYP2B6 polymorphism (rs3745274) was carried out using a polymerase chain reaction. In addition to genotyping, the survey participants filled in questionnaires that reflected their socio-demographic data, as well as the lifestyle, duration and frequency of smoking.
Results and discussion. In the course of the studies conducted it has been found that approximately 7 % of the population has a genetic variant of CYP2B6 predisposing to smoking. The same persons are a potential target audience for conducting the personalized therapy.
Conclusions. Prior the pharmacotherapy it is advisable to conduct the pharmacogenetic testing, which will reduce the cost of therapy and the risk of side effects in the future.


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