No 2(94) (2018)

Table of Contents

Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances

The reactivity of ethyl esters of 2-(benzoylamino) (1-R-2-oxoindoline-3-ylidene) acetic acids PDF
S. V. Kolisnyk, O. M. Svechnikova, O. F. Vinnyk, O. V. Kolisnyk, O. O. Altukhov 3-7
Determination of a number of indicators of “Venocoryl” ointment PDF
D. Yu. Yusifova, T. A. Suleymanov 8-11
The spectrophotometric study of thioctic acid solutions to develop the method of its quantitative determination PDF
I. V. Kovalevska, O. A. Ruban, V. O. Grud’ko 12-18
The pharmacognostic study of the aerial part of Prangos ferulacea lindl. at the stage of the beginning of vegetation PDF
Yu. B. Kerimov, D. I. Isaev, E. G. Kerimli, E. Yu. Akhmedov 19-23
The synthesis of spiro[indole-3,1’-pyrrolo[3,4 -c]pyrrole]- 2,4’,6’-trione derivatives, the study of their antimicrobial activity and the molecular docking on staphylococcal dehydrosqualene synthase PDF
R. G. Redkin, K. V. Hlebova 24-35

Technology of Medicines

The technological aspects for complex processing of hawthorn fruits PDF
N. V. Sydora, A. M. Kovalyova, V. K. Iakovenko 36-40
The study of the technological and microbiological parameters of a dietary supplement “Osteovert” PDF
A. I. Kriukova, I. M. Vladymyrova 41-47

Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

Analysis of approaches to pharmacotherapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases according to the data of the Ukrainian and British Formularies PDF
A. S. Nemchenko, Yu. Ye. Kurylenko 48-51
A social significance of the pharmacogenetic testing in Ukraine on the example of the CYP2B6 gene participating in the nicotine metabolism PDF
M. M. Kobets, O. V. Filiptsova, Yu. M. Kobets 52-56

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

The study of the antimicrobial activity of ethylene-N,N’- bis(spiroindole-3,3’-pyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-2a’,5a’-dihydro-2,2’,6’(1H,1’H,5’H)-trione) derivatives PDF
Ye. I. Syumka, T. P. Osolodchenko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk 57-62