Analysis of approaches to pharmacotherapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases according to the data of the Ukrainian and British Formularies

A. S. Nemchenko, Yu. Ye. Kurylenko


Aim. To analyze the approaches to pharmacotherapy of patients with cardiovascular diseases (CVD) indicated in the State Formulary of Medicines of Ukraine (SFMU) and the British National Formulary (BNF), as well as the reimbursement systems of drug cost in Ukraine and Great Britain.                      Materials and methods. In the course of the study materials from the on-line version of BNF No. 70 2015 and materials of SFMU No. 9 of 2017; official sites of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the National Health Service of Great Britain (NHS) were used. The methods of system analysis, logical generalization of information and the analytical method were also chosen.                          Results and discussion. A rapid growth of diseases of the cardiovascular system requires introduction of more effective, safe and affordable pharmacotherapy, which, in turn, can not be carried out without the availability of formularies of drugs and the formulary system as a whole. Approaches to pharmacotherapy of CVD patients indicated in SFMU and BNF, as well as the reimbursement systems of drug cost in Ukraine and Great Britain under conditions of social health insurance (SHI) have been analyzed.                                                        Conclusions. It has been found that not all drugs recommended for the treatment of CVD used in the UK are registered in the territory of Ukraine; moreover, most of the registered drugs do not have the appropriate dosing. Due to the limited number of drugs included in the reimbursement system the costs of therapy are incumbent upon the patient himself/herself in Ukraine, while in Britain with its SHI system a significant number of drugs under insurance prescriptions is compensable. Therefore, one of the ways to increase the availability of pharmacotherapy in Ukraine is development of the concept of the rational use of drugs and implementation of SHI.


pharmacotherapy; cardiovascular diseases; formulary system; reimbursation; social health insurance

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