No 3(95) (2018)

Table of Contents

Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances

Synthesis of mono-and bis-derivatives of spiro-2-oxindole[3,3']pyrrole and their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activities investigation PDF
Y. I. Syumka, A. B. Kravchenko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk 5-13
The study of the carbohydrate composition of hawthorn fruits PDF
N. V. Sydora, A. M. Kovaleva, V. K. Iakovenko 14-18
Phenolic compounds of the liquid extract from cleavers herb (galium aparine l.) PDF
I. L. Shynkovenko, T. V. Ilyina, O. V. Goryacha, A. M. Kovalyova, A. М. Komissarenko, N. S. Shemchuk, O. I. Golembiovska 19-24
The study on the elemental composition of the feverfew herb (Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Schultz bip.) PDF
K. R. Hordiei, T. M. Gontova, M. Y. Zolotaikina 25-29
The study of phenolic compounds and the antimicrobial action of the alcoholic extract from the cake of the red raspberry fruit PDF
I. M. Polischuk, O. M. Koshovyi, T. P. Osolodchenko, M. A. Komissarenko 30-33
The study of the chemical composition of the components of the motherwort herb PDF
Ye. A. Romanenko, O. M. Koshovyi, A. M. Komissarenko, O. I. Golembiovska, Yu. I. Gladyish 34-38

Technology of Medicines

The choice of the quantitative composition of excipients when creating the natural zeolite paste PDF
V. D. Rybachuk 39-43

Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

The study of the state of pharmaceutical provision for patients with cardiovascular diseases using ABC- and VEN-analyses PDF
A. S. Nemchenko, V. N. Nazarkina, Yu. Ye. Kurylenko 44-48
The study of the effectiveness of the combined therapy of diabetes mellitus based on the pharmacoeconomic analysis in Ukraine PDF
T. A. Germanyuk, T. I. Ivko, L. A. Bobrytskaia 49-53

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Studying of the wound healing effect of ointment with groated leaves of Black Alder (Alnus Glutinosa) on the model of plane wound PDF
V. A. Volkovoy, N. V. Derkach, T. O. Bahlai, O. D. Yeromenko, L. V. Karabut 54-58
The effect of derivatives of sulfur-containing amino acids (ademetionine, taurine and glutathione) on survival of animals with acute kidney injury of various genesis PDF
V. M. Drachuk, I. I. Zamorskii, T. S. Shchudrova, Ol. M. Goroshko 59-63