Analysis of the influence of external microenvironmental factors on the activity of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises


  • I. V. Bondareva National University of Pharmacy, Ukraine



tendencies of the pharmaceutical market, external microenvironmental factors, manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises, organizations-customers, competitors, suppliers, contact audiences


Today, in conditions of an increasing unpredictability, novelty and complexity of the external environment the intensification of its influence on the processes of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises functioning is observed. To provide survival, resistant functioning and development of pharmaceutical enterprises in the conditions of changes occurring in the external environment it is necessary to study the influence of factors of the external macro- and microenvironment and adapt to them. According to the survey of managers of different levels of fifteen domestic pharmaceutical enterprises it has been found that the main tendencies of the pharmaceutical market affecting the activity of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises are appearance of new medicines, expansion of the assortment, increase of the enterprises’ profits and improvement of work with suppliers. The degree of the influence of suppliers, competitors, organizations-consumers and contact audience on the work of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises has been determined. Most microenvironmental factors positively affect the activity of enterprises. The influence of organizations-consumers, in particular their solvency, reliability and terms of delivery and the influence of suppliers (availability of exclusive offers, the assortment and quality of products, the terms of sale and the supplier’s reliability) have the greatest number of positive evaluations. According to the respondents competition takes the third place by the degree of the positive influence on the activity of manufacturing enterprises. Most respondents have positively estimated the influence of contact audience on the activity of manufacturing pharmaceutical enterprises; however, some factors have received a significant number of negative evaluations, in particular the impact of public organizations, public authorities, local contact audience and mass media.


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Organization and Economy of Pharmacy