No 4(96) (2018)

Table of Contents

Synthesis and Analysis of Biologically Active Substances

The synthesis of 2-amino-4-aryl-4H-pyrano[3,2-c][1,2] benzoxathiine-3-carbonitrile 5,5-dioxides and the study of their effect on the blood coagulation process PDF
G. V. Grygoriv, D. A. Lega, L. M. Shemchuk, L. M. Maloshtan, G. S. Kalenichenko, V. P. Chernykh, L. A. Shemchuk 3-8
The study of the elemental composition of Iris hungarica and varieties of irises PDF
V. M. Kovalev, A. V. Krechun, O. O. Mykhailenko, O. V. Gryshyna 9-15
Saponins of the extracts of Galium aparine and Galium verum PDF
I. L. Shynkovenko, T. V. Ilyina, A. M. Kovalyova, O. V. Goryacha, O. I. Golembiovska, O. M. Koshovyi 16-23
The study of saponins of the raspberry cake alcoholic extract by HPLC PDF
I. M. Polishchuk, M. A. Komisarenko, M. Yu. Golik, T. V. Upyr 24-27

Technology of Medicines

The studies on the pharmaceutical development of dosage forms with silver and gold nanoparticles for use in dentistry and surgery PDF
S. B. Bilous, L. S. Rieznichenko, S. M. Dybkova, A. V. Rybachuk, T. H. Kalyniuk 28-36
The choice of fillers when creating natural zeolite tablets by the wet granulation method PDF
V. D. Rybachuk 37-42

Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

The conceptual bases of implementation of the controlling system of marketing communication management in pharmaceutical organizations PDF
A. B. Olkhovska, V. V. Malyi 43-51

Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology

Experimental study of the cream with cerium dioxide nanoparticles on the model of photodynamic injury in guinea pigs PDF
G. V. Zaychenko, O. A. Pokotylo 57-62